REVEALED: Forgotten Secret Ingredient Researched By NASA

Can this secret “Green Glucosamine” really relieve arthritis pain, backache, joint and muscle pain like nothing else on earth…

Without Expensive Prescriptions or Dangerous Side Effects?

Scientists Have Known About This Since The 1960’s. So, Why Won't Your Doctor Ever Give It To You? Discover The Hidden Truth Revealed After All These Years Below...

Could This Be The Joint Pain Miracle

You’ve Been Hoping For?

What if you didn’t have to settle for just a few hours of relief from your arthritis pain, backache, joint - and muscle pain anymore?

What if there was a scientifically researched way to experience healthy mobility like you remember from 30 years ago ….

Without Expensive Prescriptions

Without Dangerous Side Effects

Without Taking Multiple Pills

You won’t hear about this anywhere else.

Keep reading to discover the secret!

Could This Be A Pain God Send For Millions?

Have you ever been told your arthritis, joint pain, backaches are all just part of “getting older”?

That it’s normal for someone “your age” to feel those pains?

Well, you know what?

That isn’t just wrong, It’s a flat out LIE.

Keep reading to discover how men and women in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s are now getting relief from their joint pain:

  • Without Expensive Prescriptions
  • Without Dangerous Side Effects
  • Without Taking Multiple Pills

So, what do they know that you don’t?

They’ve simply stumbled onto this page and discovered a secret “green glucosamine”, researched by N.A.S.A. Scientists, that’s now available for average people like you and I.

This one little secret ingredient helped them experience healthy mobility and reclaim their independence like they enjoyed 25 years ago.

And despite their amazing success today, they are really no different than you…

Have You Ever Experienced Any Of These?

The emotional, physical, and mental damage can be a very devastating feeling for anyone.

Trust me, I understand.

You wouldn’t believe some of the horror stories my clients have told me with tears in their eyes over the last 20 years.

They come to me because...

No one else understands what they’re going through.

  • No one understands how frustrated and tired of suffering with agonizing aches and pain they are
  • No one else understands that they just want to take back their independence so they don’t have to feel like a burden to their loved ones…
  • No one else understands they just want to experience healthy mobility like they remember from 25 years ago and get back to the doing the things you once enjoyed…

They feel hopeless because they’ve been duped into believing that this is all just part of “Getting Older” and now there is nothing they can do.

And here’s the worst part:

They’ve tried everything. Yet, the aches, pain, and stiffness always returned.

Maybe you can relate? If so then I have major breakthrough to share with you for people with Joint pain that truly could be life changing for you.

Thanks to this groundbreaking discovery we now have:

Joint Complex 4000

It's a safe, natural, and extremely effective next generation joint formula that my clients report works like nothing else they’ve ever tried.

It’s perhaps the most advanced, cutting edge joint supplement on the market today.

And because it's not owned by those big companies that spend billions on advertising, the price is completely reasonable.

But chances are, you’ve never even heard of it. And that's on purpose - that’s the way the big pharmaceutical companies want it.

They spend BILLIONS of dollars a year to advertise their products to the public and doctors.

So I understand that most people haven’t heard of Joint Complex 4000. And that’s simply because an all natural, safe, and extreme effective joint supplement like Joint Complex 4000 would lose them billions of dollars.

So Do You Really Have To Suffer With Joint Pain - Everyday - For The Rest Of Your Life?

NO! Now You Can Have The Lasting Relief You Desire

Don’t just take my word for it…

The volume of thank you letters we receive everyday should speak for itself!

And chances are, these letters are from people that started with very similar pain, soreness, or stiffness as you are feeling right now.

And here's the thing - They report that they’ve tried other products without success just like you have.

Yet nothing came close to Joint Complex 4000.

And there's 2 simple reasons for that:

1.) Despite the research, no one has found a safe, all natural, and extremely effective solution until researchers discovered the special Joint Complex 4000 formulation.

2.) A large majority of our profits are put right back into using only the highest quality, most natural and truly effective ingredients on this planet.

Alone, each potent ingredient has been proven to support improved joint comfort.

Yet our research and formulation team of experts have discovered that combining these effective ingredients into the right synergistic combination dramatically increased the overall joint rejuvenating results.

And then, we wanted to put Joint Formula 4000 in an entire new category of one.

So we added even more unique and special ingredients to support the body's natural healing process even more.

And, as a result…

The feedback has been amazing!

Every Monday and Thursday I have a call with Mary, our customer happiness manager...

And let me tell you... These calls are truly the best part of my week -

The stories Mary shares with me about customers who've tried everything under the sun and nothing worked until they tried Joint Formula #1...

Well, those stories every week let me know that joint complex is truly changing lives of people who thought that life had passed them by…

Those stories every week let me know that joint complex 4000 is truly changing lives for people with Joint Pain…

People Just Like You Who Thought Life Had Passed Them By

And the only regret they all had was...

They wished they had tried Joint Complex 4000 sooner

That's why If you have been dealing with any kind of persistent joint pain, discomfort or stiffness, joint complex isn't just the solution for you...

It's the only solution for you.

And if you’re tired of products that promised to take away your pain but failed miserably…

Know this...

You don't have to worry anymore - your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or you pay nothing.

What If You Could Finally Say

Good-Bye Pain?

When someone says, your arthritis pain, backaches, and joint pain are all “just part of getting older”,

It may sound like your life is over.

And it may even feel like your best days truly are behind you when:

  • You are forced to avoid the activities you once enjoyed like golfing or working in your garden.
  • You’re so uncomfortable that simple daily activities like going up stairs, reaching overhead to grab a plate from the cabinet, or picking up your grandkids, are now difficult for you
  • You lose more of your cherished independence each year forcing you to rely more on friends and family then you’d like to.

And trust me, I understand it can be devastating when you’ve tried everything and nothing works.

That’s where Joint Formula #1 comes in.

First, There’s something you must know.

After years of joint pain research, we discovered that your joint support formula MUST do three things well.

If ALL 3 of these things are not addressed by your joint supplement you will always be in pain and doing the activities you love to do – golfing, gardening, or even just playing with your grand children will continue to be uncomfortable.

The 3 Pain Relief Pathways That Other Joint Formulas Are Missing

The problem with other joint support formulas is they only focus on #1 - relieving your pain temporarily,… but not permanently…

Once the effect of temporary relief goes away, the side effects begin and the pain comes back.

Each time it’s a little more excruciating than before because they turn disrupt hormone-like substances and enzymes that play a role in the restoration of bone and cartilage, forcing your joints to instantly swell up inside like a balloon.

This triggers even WORSE shooting aches and pains that agonize and consume your entire body.

Now, the really good nature-based supplements that promote pain free joints out there (e.g., the top 1%) actually target pain relief pathway #2 to some degree by lubricating your cartilage…

Step 1: Your Joint Supplement MUST Relieve your pain fast and reduce inflammation.

Step 2: Your Joint Supplement MUST Stimulate the growth of new cartilage

Step 3: Your Joint Supplement MUST Enhance your body’s ability to strengthen your bones that have been damaged by your joints grinding together from disintegrating cartilage.

Yet, None of the supplements out there that claim to promote pain free joints help to naturally promote your body's natural ability to stimulate the growth of NEW cartilage…and that’s because until recently it was thought to be impossible…

And without stimulating your body's ability to support the growth of new cartilage you cannot target pain relief pathway #3 - enhancing your body's ability to strengthen your bones from the inside-out…

What I discovered after working with 1,000’s of joint pain sufferers just like you is that NONE of these supplements support your body's ability to target ALL 3 pain relief pathways.

Without your joint formula taking care of steps 1, 2 AND 3 you simply WON’T feel the pain free body you desire.

Everyone you know who’s living pain free right now is working with their body’s 3 step natural healing process.

Even if they don’t know it, that’s what’s allowing people just like you to live an active pain free life without limits at 50, 60,70, and even 80.

And that’s exactly why you’ve been frustrated year after year with aches, pains, and stiffness in your joints:

It’s not because of your age.

It’s simply because you’re not working with  your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

That’s it.

That’s why it’s not your fault those other joint supplements never worked for you..

They work against your body and were making it virtually impossible for your joints to ever heal or for you to ever feel the youthful pain free body that you desire.

However, Joint Complex 4000 is different.

While the majority of the pain pills today have not been designed to target all 3 synergistic ways which include supporting processes in the body that may: reduce inflammation, support healthy cartilage, AND enhance your body’s ability to strengthen your bones…

That's exactly what Joint Complex 4000 does with its unique and synergistic next generation formulation.

Now, before I share with you the amazing ingredients of Joint Complex 4000, I want you to become completely aware of some rather shocking information the drug and supplement companies don’t want you to know when it comes to lack of quality control:

The Top 3 "Dirty Little Secrets” The Pain Relief Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

1.) The reasons that many of the products you’ve tried in the past aren’t effective and don’t even pass safety standards is that many companies do not work with the best and most qualified formulators. They cut corners to save money.

Rest assured, With Joint Complex 4000, your getting a product that was painstakingly developed to ‘perfection’ by our team with 30 years of experience in the nutritional supplement business.

2.) The second dirty little secret that these other companies don’t want you to know is they use untested, artificial and low-quality ingredients in amounts that are ineffective.

They do not want to spend the extra money on proven ingredients that actually work or even on making sure that the ingredients match what is listed on the label.

So how can you be sure that it’s actually effective or even worse - how can you be sure what you’re putting in your body isn’t contaminated?

With Joint Complex 4000 you’ll never have to worry about that. We only use the most potent, pure, and natural ingredients available on earth.

3.) Many of those products you may have tried in the past are not manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility under strict protocols.

The reason this is critically important is because these products are produced with little or no supervision or regulatory practices.

Think about it like this…

If you’re about to have open heart surgery would you rather have the doctor was a world renowned heart surgeon who’s saved thousands of lives and trained at the most prestigious institutes in the world…

Or would you be okay with the average person off the street with no experience what so ever?

The answer is hopefully an obvious one.

That’s why Joint Complex 4000 is created under strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in a certified GMP Facility.

This high level of in depth quality assurance allows us to make sure that every ingredient is at it’s most potent, pure, and effective dosage so you can truly get the results you deserve.

Does this all cost us more to produce such a high quality product?

You bet it does.

Yet, that’s what makes Joint Complex 4000 the clear choice for all joint pain sufferers who’ve tried everything and who are tired of not getting the results they desire.

In fact, We’re so confident that you’ll get the results you desire that we are willing to lose money on your first purchase because we know once you experience Joint Complex 4000, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

That’s our entire business model - make a promise and keep a promise. We feel that it’s the only way to do business and it’s the only way to truly help joint pain sufferers like you.

Super Joint Nutrient #1 - Deep Sea Discovery Researched By N.A.S.A.

shutterstock_320377235Found only on the untouched, unspoiled waters along the New Zealand coast, the green-lipped mussel (a.k.a. green glucosamine) are a special species of mussel that contain a unique, one of a kind mineral balance that lends itself to powerful joint healing properties that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The Natural anti inflammatory power that’s packed into the green-lippid mussel even led NASA scientist to research it as far back as the 1960’s for it’s potent rejuvenating properties.

According to the National Center For Biotechnology Information green-lippid mussel significantly decreased pain, stiffness, and mobility. We report for the first time that the green-lipid mussel exracts also significantly improved gastrointestinal symptoms by 49% in osteoarthritis patients.

Another study conducted by the University Of Queensland’s School Of Medicine found that patients who took the New Zealand green-lipped mussel extract over an 8 week period saw joint pain reduced by 59%.

Super Joint Nutrient #2 - The Cartilage Enhancer

Found deep within the Pacific Ocean, scientist have discovered Shark Cartilage to contain an active all natural joint enhancing agent called Chondroitin sulfate.

The Chondroitin sulfate from Shark cartilage stimulates the production of proteoglycans and collagen which floods your cartilage with super nutrients, helping to support cartilage rejuvenation So You Never Have To Think About AVOIDING The Activities You Love Again.

Studies conducted in several different countries prove that patients treated with chondroitin sulfate experienced significant relief of pain, and enjoyed increased mobility.

Super Joint Nutrient #3 - The Pain Relief Supporter

While most joint support supplements rely solely on Glucosamine to do the heavy lifting, we've taken it a step further by including it as a powerful supporting ingredient in this next generation joint supplement. Glucosamine aids in cartilage rejuvenation, which helps reduce the pain and inflammation you’re currently having while promoting stronger bones, and healthier nails, hair and skin. It also disrupts the activity of enzymes that degrade the building blocks of joint cartilage [Kanzaki et al., 2012].

Super Joint Nutrient #4 - The Super Soother

Devil’s Claw powder has been shown to enhance the relief of joint pain caused by both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Devil’s Claw powder has also been shown to reduce muscle pain and enhance mobility for people with either arthritis or muscle injuries.

Super Joint Nutrient #5 - The Joint Lubricator

Cetylmyristoleate is a fatty acid shown to help reduce inflammation and enhance your body's natural ability to lubricate your joints. Studies show when patients take cetylmyristoleate it helps improve osteoarthritis especially in the knees.

Super Joint Nutrient #6 - The Arthritic Decreaser

Yucca is a medicinal plant native to Mexico and the Southwestern U.S. It is a rich source of steroidal saponins. Also called phytosterols, they boost the natural immune functions of the body and combat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Super Joint Nutrient #7 - The Joint Restoration Supporter

The Super Blend Of Natural Healing Vitamins and minerals such as A, C, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium, Copper and Chromium stabilize free radicals and can help rejuvenate damaged cartilage and reduce inflammation.

Super Joint Nutrient #8 - The Bone Supporter

Boron, a natural healing mineral that helps with building strong bones, osteoarthritis, building lean muscle…all necessary for supporting healthy joint movement. Boron is also believed to improve thinking skills and muscle coordination.

Super Joint Nutrient #9 -The Miracle Compound

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a natural sulfur commonly called the “miracle” compound and used for chronic pain, osteoarthritis, joint inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, bursitis, tendonitis, and other musculoskeletal pain. [Kalman et al., 2012].

Super Joint Nutrient #10 -The Immune Booster

L-Histidine is an essential amino acid that helps rheumatoid arthritis, a fusion of hemoglobin, tissue repair and the strengthening of the immune system. People with arthritis and joint problems are known to have abnormally low levels of L-Histidine.

Super Joint Nutrient #11 - The Wonder Food

The alfalfa plant has roots that allow it to absorb more vitamins and minerals such as biotin, calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, potassium, and more. This powerful food helps with arthritis and several blood and circulation issues.

That’s A Total Of 11 Super Joint  Nutrients In What Some Are Now Calling “The Perfect Joint Supplement”

And yet there will still be people who might Say That’s A Bit Excessive for any Joint Supplement….

Yet, here’s the thing…

When you’ve never had joint pain, you just don’t know what it’s like. 

When you have never had arthritis or joint pain, you just don’t know what it’s like. When you can no longer do the things you enjoy or even function, life is frustrating.

However, the pain of continuing down this road without taking action will only lead to more despair, ad MUCH more frustration…

The joint pain will only continue to torture you as it spreads across your body and continues to control every aspect of your life, keeping you from ever enjoying your favorite activities again.

You’ll continue to feel old and well beyond your age preventing you from truly enjoying everything you’ve worked so hard your whole life for.

Your risk for bone disease, osteoporosis, nerve disease and having your independence taken from you will continue to rise with each passing year taking weeks,months, and even years of happiness from your life.

With Joint Complex 4000, Everything Can Change Starting Right Now

Just like it has for the countless other joint pain sufferers who’ve finally experienced the joint comfort they desired when nothing else would work.

Imagine a new life where Your Back, shoulders, hands, knees and hips are blessedly free to move  and turn and bend WITHOUT pain…

You wake up feeling refreshed and bursting with energy…

You’re free from the grips of stiff, achy joints and you’re experiecing the pain free movement you remember from 25 years ago…

And you now spend less time side-lined by pain and spend more time doing the things you thought had passed you by…

What's The Very First Thing You Would Do Without The Nagging Pain?

What will you do when you’re finally enjoying youthful, pain-free movement?

  • Will you…Plan that vacation you promised yourself but were in too much pain for?
  • Spend more time playing with your grand children before they’re all grown up?
  • Finally enjoy a perfect night’s sleep, without your throbbing back, knees, and shoulders waking you?
  • Dust off those clubs and hit the green now that you can really grasp your clubs and the throbbing pain in your shoulders, knees, and lower back is gone?

That’s the life you want…

And with Joint Complex 4000 it’s now the life you can have once again!

Do You Think you deserve to continue suffering in pain for the rest of your life?

Then you owe it to yourself to at least try Joint Complex 4000 Today… It could honestly change the the rest of your life.

Here’s Why No other Joint pain formula even comes close

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • You can safely take Joint Complex 4000 every day
  • Targets All 3 Of Your Body's Natural Pain Relief Pathways
  • Improves Mobility And Flexibility
  • Reduces aches and stiffness
  • Maximizes Joint Comfort
  • Non-addicting
  • Contains the power of 11 Joint Rejuvenating ingredients

Imagine Blessed Relief From Your Head To Your Toes

What If You didn’t have to settle for just a few hours of relief from your arthritis pain, backache, joint - and muscle pain anymore?

What if there was a scientifically researched way to support healthy mobility and finally take back your independence?

  • Without Expensive Prescriptions 
  • Without Dangerous Side Effects
  • Without Taking Multiple Pills

Joint Complex 4000’s next generation formulation works WITH your body on a cellular level to greatly enhance your natural healing process day and night so you feel relief where you need it most.

Joint Complex 4000 has been a godsend to seniors who want to:

  • Reduce the uncomfortable pain you feel when doing your favorite activities like exercising, gardening or golfing
  • Move comfortably with less pain and stiffness
  • Eliminate the need of  having to ask for help when trying to do basic everyday tasks like walk up the stairs, reaching overhead into the cabinet, or even bending over to tie your shoes in the morning

Just Look At How Joint Complex 4000 Is Helping Joint Pain Sufferers Just Like You

Don’t You Think It’s Time To Say Goodbye Pain And Hello To Complete Comfort?

Then Joint Complex 4000 isn’t just THE joint supplement for you…

It’s THE ONLY joint supplement for you.

When it comes to reducing your aches, pains, and stiffness or enhancing your comfort….

No other Joint pain formula even comes close.

Whether it’s your fingers, hands, knees, back, shoulder, or ankles…

Rest assured….

You CAN feel better with Joint Complex 4000!

Here’s the catch though…

You Can't Find Joint Complex 4000 Anywhere Else - It's NOT Sold In Stores Or Anywhere Else Online

The ONLY Place You Can Get Joint Complex #1 Is Right Now on this very page…

Joint Complex 4000 truly is the perfect 3-in-1 joint support supplement…You won’t find this rare and powerful combination of super healing sea mineral ingredients anywhere else in the world.

When you think of the countless hours of research and development that went into perfecting the 3-in-1 next generation joint formula…

Not to mention the strict quality standards and independent testing for the Joint Rejuvenating Ingredients.

Joint Complex 4000 is an absolute steal compared to other choices you’ve tried in the past

As you now know, most pain killers, NSAIDS, and other joint supplements only put a band-aide on the problem by reducing your pain to some degree temporarily…

However, once the effect goes away from these drugs, the side effects begin and the pain comes back.

Each time it’s a little more excruciating than before because they turn disrupt hormone-like substances and enzymes that play a role in the restoration of bone and cartilage, forcing your joints to instantly swell up inside like a balloon.

This means that your joints begin to struggle to absorb nutrients that promote restoration and growth, causing them to literally starve and begin to deteriorate even faster.

This triggers even MORE shooting aches and pains that agonize and consume even more of your body.

And it’s not like you can just go back to your pharmacy and get a full refund…

And that’s where Joint Complex 4000 is different…

Either Joint Complex 4000 Works For You - or it’s absolutely FREE.

So if you REALLY want to feel pain free joints for life, then you MUST STOP exposing your body to the side effects of pain pills.

What joint pain sufferers REALLY need is an nature-based joint health supplement that’s more potent and beneficial than any pain pill AND is straight from Mother Nature herself.

That’s why no other supplement even comes close to Joint Complex 4000.

And that’s why our price of $97 today is an absolute steal for anyone who wants lasting relief so they can take back their life.

Imagine how you'll feel in only 30 days from now

Picture Right Now How You’ll FEEL That first morning you wake up KNOWING that your pain is a thing of the past as you finally have experienced the levels of healthy mobility that you remember from 25 years ago.

You spring out of bed, bursting full of energy feeling completely alive again…

You walk to the kitchen to get your morning coffee and to your surprise…

No aches, pains, or even stiffness in your joints…

What if your back, shoulders, hands, knees and hips are blessedly free to move and turn and bend WITHOUT pain?

Allowing you to do all the enjoyable things you thought had passed you by.

If you’re wondering exactly what that would mean to your life...

•Imagine a perfect night’s sleep, without your throbbing shoulders waking you in the wee hours of the morning.

•Picture getting out of the tub with confidence...

•Playing golf or tennis…

•Working in your garden…

•Or chasing – yes, chasing! – your grandkids around the yard.

That’s the life you want…

And now it’s the life you can have once again!

How Much MORE Energy Do You Think You’d Have Each Day If You Were Able To Finally Say Good-Bye To The Pain?

Think about all the activities you can enjoy again now that the awful pain is no longer controlling your life…

Will you travel and see more of the world now that you can move around all day without your knees, hips, and back hurting?

Will you spend more time with your grandchildren while you still can, now that you don’t have to worry about keeping up with them?

Will you dust off the irons and hit the greens now that you’re comfortably swinging, bending, and moving better and more comfortable than ever?

Or will enjoy more time in your garden now that you can pot and prune in complete comfort for hours on end?

Whatever you dream of doing once you lose the pain, rest assured Joint Complex 4000 can help you enjoy every second of it!

So if you think your arthritis, joint pain, backaches are all just part of “getting older”…

And if you think you really have to put up with joint pain —everyday for the rest of your life…


Now You CAN Get Your Life Back!

In fact, I guarantee it.

Either Joint Complex 4000 Works For You or you shouldn't have to pay for it

Use Joint Complex 4000 as directed for at least 60 days. And if you aren’t a believer, simply return the bottle – even if it’s empty – and we’ll give you a complete refund.

You have nothing to lose except the pain.

Don't you think you deserve to get back to the activities you love the most?

Well, Right now you have the opportunity to change everything.

You DONT have to Spend One More Day Suffering In pain and agony.

Look below right now to order Joint Complex 4000 today.

Just click “Add to Cart” and we’ll speed Joint Complex 4000 right to your door.

P.S. -  Remember- every day that goes by, your aging, damaged joints will continue to torture you as the aches, pains, and stiffness spreads across your body keeping you from ever enjoying your favorite activities again.

Your risk for bone disease, osteoporosis, and having your independence taken from you will continue to rise with each passing year taking weeks,months, and even years off of your life. Yet, right now you can take responsibility and claim the pain free joints you’ve always desired with the proven, safe, and effective Joint Complex 4000 formula.

P.P.S - You DON’T have to decide right now... Take advantage of my Unconditional "Triple Guarantee” and get results first, then decide. ALL of the risk is on me - Try Joint Complex 4000 for 60 full days, on me... and feel the pain free joints you desire or you pay nothing!

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